Family Law

If your problem is not a Family Law problem, use a different application.

MJP will need to speak with you on the telephone or in person.  MJP will need to verify your eligibility for services and may need to gather more information about your situation.

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DCF (Children's protective services)

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We provide mostly information, referrals, advice and some brief legal help. We do not usually provide representation. In reply to your intake we may: give you information and materials only, or offer some legal advise or brief assistance.
To refer your case for further help or possible representation we need your permission to share information about your case with: Community Legal Aid, or a private volunteer attorney, or other legal Services program that covers your area.
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Income includes, but is not limited to: money, wages, salaries before any deductions, income for self-employment after deductions for business or farm expenses; regular payments from governmental programs for low income persons or persons with disabilities; social security payments; unemployment and worker's compensation payments; strike benefits from union funds; veterans benefits; training stipends, alimony; child support payments; military family allotments; public or private employee pensions; regular insurance or annuity payments; income from dividends, interest, rent, royalties or from estate trusts; and other regular or recurring sources of financial support that are currently and actually available.

Do not include value of food or rent received by you in lieu of wages; money withdrawn from the bank; tax refunds; gifts; compensation and/or one-time insurance payments for injuries sustained; non-cash benefits; and up to $2000 per year of funds received by individual Native Americans that is derived from Indian trust income or other distribution exempt by statue.